My Name is Jared Higgins...

...violin and viola instructor

I began studying the violin in elementary school when I was six years old. I still remember the dread that often accompanied practicing my instrument, but in high school I was fortunate to find a teacher who opened my eyes to the joy of playing music. My goal as an instructor is to help spread that same joy to my students.

Private Lessons Tailored For Students and Their Interests

Lessons Open to All Ages & Skill Levels

Develop Techniques Across a Variety of Genres

As a private music instructor, my goal is to create a learning environment for my students that helps them to enjoy playing their instrument. To achieve this, I use a variety of different genres and materials in order to engage and inspire my students. My teaching curriculum is based on the Suzuki Violin Method. I also blend a variety of different technique and pedagogy materials to provide my students with a completely tailored lesson experience.  

One of the largest benefits to private lessons is the ability for me as a teacher to customize my lesson plan for the needs of each student. My primary objective in building a student’s lesson plan is to maximize each student’s engagement and interest in the music that they are playing. To do so, I select lesson material that is relevant to their interests and that promotes their growth as a musician. 

Mastering an instrument takes hard work and patience. In lessons, I find it important to teach my students how to pay attention to details both within the music as well as around their playing. Beginning with clean posture and fluid muscle movement, and continuing throughout more advanced techniques, my lessons seek to maximize each student’s comfort and confidence with their instrument. Additionally, I emphasize the pursuit of musicality in lessons in order to teach my students how to infuse creativity into their playing. 

  • Lesson Instructor, Pritchard Music Academy
  • Lesson Instructor, Olney Conservatory of Music
  • Teaching Artist, Washington Performing Arts’ Capital Strings Program
  • Teaching Artist, Baltimore Symphony OrchKids Program